Nail Services

From nail art and trims to French tips and gel removal, you're in good hands when it comes to keeping your nails looking spectacular and healthy. You can choose from an almost endless assortment of colors and styles to suit your personality.

Acrylic Power, Dipping Powder, Gel Polish.  At Jas-It-Up Nails we offer all of them and more.  Not only do we keep up with the latest nail technology, we bring them straight to our salon.

Groups & Bridal Parties

Whether you are planning your wedding, are celebrating a birthday, or simply want an outing with the girls, Jas-It-Up Nails & Spa will make sure you are pampered beyond belief. Call us to set up an appointment. It's a pleasure to be able to make any event a little more special.

Spa Services

You can enjoy all the different spa services in a relaxing atmosphere. There are several luxurious manicure and revitalizing pedicure packages available so you can keep up the appearance of your hands and feet.

Relax as you sit back in a state-of-the-art pedicure spa and enjoy a vigorous spa massage on you feet and a shiatsu chair massage on your back. The pampering continues with a full pedicure and light massage to your feet. Consider our Jas-It-Up Signature Pedicure, if you want the ultimate spa pedicure experience, it's deep hydration is a must for anyone with dry, calloused feet.  You will leave Jas-It-Up with your feet feeling as soft as a baby's bottom.