It's not enough to have comfortable chairs, good lighting, and variety of spa services. As a nail & spa salon, it's about personality and service, and we at Jas-It-Up Nails & Spa have plenty to go around. Since 2015, we have worked hard to build a reputation of being one  of the best nail salons in Katy, TX.  All of our hard work and commitment to our customers is paying off. You can see it in our shop, see it in our employees, and tell by our popularity.

Passionate about personal style, Jasmine is more than just the owner of Jas-It-Up Nails & Spa.  She is the lead technician and chief communicator, making sure everyone that comes through the door or calls knows that they are appreciated.  It's her mission to ensure the Jas-It-Up team keeps pace with what's going on in the world of nails and to challenge them to reach their potential.

That's the very reason why Jas-It-Up Nails & Spa has been voted NextDoor's Neighborhood Favorite for 2017 & 2018.